Saturday, October 9, 2010

A good start

Started my morning with a very long walk at the park. Cycled there and then did some brisk walking for about 10 rounds until my legs started to ache. It was good!  It was a good feeling! The weather was so nice and sunny.....I had a really good time walking there. I used to cycle a lot at a place nearby the park quite often. But I think lately I'm kinda bored doing that already. Furthermore, I can't stand the fumes I had to breathe in from the cars and other vehicles that passes by the cycling track. So perhaps the idea of brisk walking inside the park itself is a much better alternative right now. No need to worry about the smelly fumes and the air is much more fresh there. Plus, I get to see more people! Fun! :)

Went to Tesco and Giant with Maksu......and then went to have lunch at the kerabu mangga there. But now that I know mangoes are heaty for me.....looks like I can't eat that anymore. Bummer! I love kerabu mangga! So delicious! I'm slowly learning to adapt to the new diet. I've totally stopped taking bread since yesterday hehehehe. Which is like a huge sacrifice for me because I love eating it so much. Love eating Jacob's High Fibre Crackers as well.....but looks like I can't eat that anymore  either because of the yeast inside the ingredient. I never knew before that yeast can trigger eczema. If I only knew about it earlier. Why didn't the doctor tell me about this? Perhaps they didn't know about it either. Hmmmmm....... :I

I discovered something really cool today at the supermarket. Something that I never thought I would actually get myself into. But it's not complete yet. Need to get something else to match with it.....only then it will be complete. :) I'm so silly about this. But it's exciting because it's something I've never thought I would actually do. Totally spontaneous! Feels good to be spontaneous sometimes. :) Life is short.....if what I wanted to do is possible at the time......I won't hesitate to act upon it. Why not right? That's what kept going on my mind.......why not Lin....why not.......just do it!! :)

Going off to bed right now......kinda late already and I have to wake up early in the morning for my daily brisk walking in the park. Maher Zain will be on TV9 at 8.00am tomorrow so I have to do the brisk walking very early if I want to catch Maher Zain on time! hehehehe! He is so handsome and a very talented artist. I adore his voice so much! Makes me smile every time I listen to his songs. So it!
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mangosteenskin said...

:) Looks like you're making vinaigrette there. I also love mixing olive oil with some lemons, plus some herbs and spices, and use it for salad dressing.

Hm, am so sorry to hear that u have to go for very strict diet Lin, but it's okay, I believe if it's good for you, then it may be the best for you too!

All the best, my pray that you'll be in good health :) always.

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Thank you so much Mango....yup, I'm really hoping to be healthy again. So tired of being sick like this all the time. I just have to be focused and disciplined that all. Thank you for your prayers dear...I really appreciate it! :)