Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bat repellent

We are having problems dealing with bats at home. They visit us every night and poop at a specific spot nearby the entrance of our house. It's so annoying! We've tried all sorts of  bat repellent including sulfur and moth balls that stink like hell. But it didn't work. The idea is to have something around the area that stinks so that the bats will be so put off by it and make a U-Turn and fly elsewhere instead of hanging around at our house for the night. 

Hey, I don't mind them hanging around......but please....please don't poop! Please, we have enough food at home as well, so please don't leave us any leftover fruits for us from your dinner. :P

One of my Mom's friends suggested we hang some stinky chillies at the place where they love to hang out. It seems that this method would work. It did! They did stop coming over for a few days. But when the smell  of the chillies goes away after some time, they would make a visit to our house again. I wish there is some other way of dealing with this problem other than hanging those stinky chillies. Anybody out there have a better idea/suggestions?? Do let me know! Gracias! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Lin.

I love bats!!!They eat the awful mosquitoes we have around here.

I have no way of getting rid of them as I like them hanging around poop or no poop.

Use the poop as compost for flowers or vegetables :)


jdv said...

I spray lime juice where they hang out and they leave and don't come back.