Sunday, October 17, 2010

1 years old

*Please excuse the blurry photos......I took them in a hurry hehehe

Didn't go for my workout this morning. I just felt so sleepy.....and so so tired. My Mom and I planned to go and see little Emir this morning's his last day here.....he will be heading back to KL with his parents in this afternoon. So, off we went! Had a really good time playing with him. My little sisters were there....and so is my little brother and bro in law. They all came back here to celebrate each one's birthday and Emir's birthday as well. Emir turned 1 years old last 15th of October. I can't believe he is one years old already. How time flies so fast and the little boy is big enough to walk now. How cute! 

He can dance now.....move his cute little bum and arms and feet to Hindi songs and songs from Barney hahaha.....AND!!!! He loves pancakes!!! wooohooooo!! Just found out today that he loves to eat the pancakes that my Mom made for them this morning. Probably because it's soft and fluffy enough for him to chew and sweet too. :) One bite of it and immediately he couldn't focus on playing with his toys. He just kept eating and eating hehe. :D

I could still remember his cute little face as we waved goodbye to him as they drove away. It was like as if he knew he was leaving us...... :( Mind you, most kids his age is clueless of what's going on around them sometimes......but this one is clever enough to know it hehe.... Bye bye little Emir.....hope to see you real soon!!!
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Anonymous said...

What an adorable little boy. I am happy to hear you got a chance to spend some time with him.


Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

I'm happy too! I always try to go and visit him at his grandma's house whenever he comes back to Alor Setar. Miss him so so so much! :)