Tuesday, September 7, 2010

28th Ramadhan....

Phew! What a day! Another busy day......from morning till evening....non stop action hehehe. But I'm glad that I managed to finish my orders before the Eid and today I get to do other things than just making cards. I was also featured in Utusan Malaysia today regarding my Eidulfitri cards. Really happy about that.....something for me to smile about during these hectic and chaotic week.

I guess I won't be online that much from today onwards. Need to clean up the house before the Eid. Lots to do at home. I can imagine now what are the things I need to do. :I Preparing the house for the Eid is of course at the top of the list.......preparations of gifts for our neighbors on Eid is also one of them, it's something we do every year except this year we will be giving away something a little different that the usual. Lots of gifts to pack!!

My sister is coming back tomorrow too. Yay! My sparring partner will be back! hahaha! LOL! :D

I guess this year,we won't be doing any open house at our home. But of course our home is open for visitors who drops by. It's just that there won't be anything special meal done this year at our house. There will just the usual basic dishes served unlike what we did last year. This year, my Mom is really not up to it since she has just recovered from her illness. She's not really 100% recovered from it so, she just wants to relax on Eid. I'm not too well myself. Sleep deprived for so long. All I want to do is sleep....sleep and sleep. I really need to rest my eyes....it hurts.  

Today is the 28th of Ramadhan......just 2 days left before the Eid. Wow! And before we know it...it's already Eidulfitri! See how fast time flies! Ramadhan just passed me by like the wind. Off it goes bidding us goodbye..... :( 
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