Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Beautiful Ramadhan is here....... :)

Today is the first day of the fasting month. I thought I would be fine today since I had some fasting practice last week. But I guess today is different. It's hot too outside. No signs of rain coming down. I can hear my stomach grumbling hehehe......and feeling very weak. But I'm ok. The fact that I can actually blog right now shows that I'm fine......just a little weak, that's all. Usually the first week of fasting is tough. After that, once the body is used to it, all will be ok.

Got some card orders to finish up.....but working at very slow speed. Very very slow speed. Can't seem to move any faster.

During the fasting month, not only do we have to abstain ourselves from drinking and eating from dawn till dusk. But we also have to control our behaviour. Must always be good to others......never ever do anything bad. Need to control what we hear and see too. Watch as well what we say.....avoid saying anything that might hurt others. Anything that distracts us from doing our religious duties during this fasting month. We are also encouraged to do more charity work......just keep on giving what we it in the form of money or things or whatever service that can help people who are in need. That would be good to do.

Most important......must not forget to pray. No point fasting if we don't pray. This is a reminder for me as well. In short, this is the most special month of all......therefore we must do our best this month to be the best that we can be. It is said that in this month, we should be asking God for what we wish for. Because they say that our wishes are given the utmost priority during this month. I did give it a try last year. And I did get what I asked for. So this year.....I'm giving it another shot. Who knows, God might grant me another one of my wishes :).
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Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Selamat berpuasa.

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Thank you Willie :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lin.

Ramadhan is indeed beautiful. I am not Muslim but I agree with all the good that is done during this month. However, I hope that this good is also done through the year - good does not take a vacation. It must be practiced every day of our life.

You say that there is lots of prayer during this month. Again, one should pray every day - many times a day.

Yes, the giving is very important. It doesn't have to be money always but other things that people need. We need so much and most of it costs very little or nothing at all. It is the things that cost nothing that are always difficult for people to give to others such as kindness, understanding, patience, prayers, good wishes, time spent visiting or helping around the house.

Lin, I hope your wish comes true whatever it is that you wished for during this month. You deserve it very much.

Best of everything to you, dear one.