Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Tree Top Walk

What a nice beautiful Thursday it is today! The weather so cool and breezy.......the rain....drizzling outside. I'm enjoying my coffee now.....if there was cream puffs to go along with that, it's even better. But on second thought....better I'm trying to eat healthily now hehehehe.....

Since yesterday I kept thinking about The Tree Top Walk at Sungai Sedim........I was suppose to join my Mom and Aunt on that trip.....but because of work, I was not able to participate. They all had a great time there......but my Aunt does not want to go there again. When I asked her what was her reason......she said that the traveling sucks! The road was bad as well. But still, I want to go there......just once! I'll try to persuade my Mom to accompany me there one day heheheh.....hopefully I can go there this year. The tree top walk is actually situated in Kulim, Kedah. About 2 hours and a half drive from Alor Setar.

To get inside the area.....they had to pay for the entrance.....and the ticket costs RM10.00....but since most of them were senior citizens....they were able to get the tickets at a much cheaper price which was only RM6.00 each ehehehehe. But they had to be persuasive with the person in charge in order to get that price! hahahaha....the power of persuasion! LOL! 

I love looking at the river!!!! I want to dive in!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhu! Wish I was there! But what to beckons! I wonder if anyone recognize the fruits on that tree at the photo's a fig tree! Yup....but the fruits are not yet ready to be picked....still too young to be eaten.

It is actually a beautiful place to visit but unfortunately there is no maintenance. The place needs to be maintained for the public to have a much comfortable stay there. They didn't even know where to go and change into their bathing attire as there weren't any signs of a changing room anywhere in sight. Too bad ya? If only it was more accommodating to the visitors. But even so.....people still take the trouble to visit because it is such a beautiful place to go to. My advice would be to visit it early in the morning before it gets too hot!!!
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Lin. Beautiful place, indeed this Tree Top Walk. How I would love to walk in a place like this?

In my hometown I have a river that I walk along. Not as beautiful as this but a river nonetheless. Lots of trees, shrubs, flowers so the walk is very enjoyable. And my dog loves to swim so he goes in white often as we walk along the river.

The women in the pictures were actually swimming with their clothes on? Yes, too bad there are no facilities for changing into swimming clothes.

When I walk along my river I am tempted to jump in too but my mission is to walk and I hate to walk wet. I leave the swimming for another day.

Hope you are able to make it to this place and walk. It looks very peaceful and serene.


Azlina Abdul said...

Hello there Barb!

Yes...lovely place to go for walks ya? How I wish I was living nearby a place like this.

How wonderful that you have a place in your hometown similar like this. It's so nice to be able to have walks by the river :).

Yes...those women swim with their clothes on because we Muslims are not allowed to expose our body. We have to keep them covered you see. Usually if I do go dip in the sea or river, I would wear my pants and long sleeve t-shirt..and I will cover my hair as well. :)I can't really I just sit and enjoy myself in the water! LOL!

Oh yes! I really would like to visit this place this year! Will try to make it happen! Will blog about it if I do!

Take care Barb!