Sunday, May 2, 2010

Plan D!!!

I know there are some people who are disappointed in me.....disappointed because I'm not doing what they feel I should be doing with my life. I know I'm not perfect.....nobody is. I see what I want in the future....feel like I can grasp it already....seriously....I can see it happening to me in the future. I believe in my dreams. Nothing is matter what the job may will not come rolling onto your lap out of the blue. It takes years and years of experience and hard work and a good working mind to get things going your way. I don't mind suffering now because I know I will be getting the rewards soon. When I get will be such a sweet victory..... ;). I'll show them! I'll show them all of what I am capable of doing. No matter how long it takes....I'll show them!

Plan A didn't work....Plan B was bad too.....Plan C got thrown in the drain it's time for Plan D!!! Plan D will probably keep me so damn busy....which is good....I like being will keep me focus on my goals. It will keep my mind away from things that's been bothering me. It's now or never.....make it or break it or die!! My whole life depends on it. Nobody can help me but myself......if I don't pull myself together and get crackin' then forever I will stay this way.....and believe you me I don't want to end up this way for the rest of my life......I want my dreams to come by one.....all of them must come true!! I've wasted too much time already.....I'm not wasting anymore of it.....nobody is going to stop me! I'm unstoppable......muahahahhahahahahha!!! LOL!!! 

So help me God!!!!
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