Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mangkuk tingkat delivery Part 20

Sorry ya for the late entry on the mangkuk tingkat episodes's schedule was pretty hectic and I believe tomorrow will be another hectic day for me as well. But tomorrow and the day after, there won't be any mangkuk tingkat deliveries....hence no entries about it either....will have to wait till Sunday for the next one. I can't believe's already PART 20!! Wow......just 10 more to go before the mangkuk tingkat challenge is over. But will it ever be over......hmmm....that will be up to the mangkuk tingkat tauke to help us decide because only she can convince the chef to cook the menu according to our requests :) . So we will have to wait and see how it goes in the end.

What can I say.......I LOVE today's menu because there is that yummylicious kari ikan masin!!!! I'm not sure what they call it in English....but the direct translation would be "salted fish curry" hahahahaha!! :P I know I right, I shouldn't be eating it because I'm not allowed to eat ikan masin......but the smell was too good for me to resist it!!!! I was drooling when I was taking the photos of the dishes hahahahaha.......told my Mom that I couldn't wait till 1.00pm to have lunch......had to have lunch straight away after taking the photos hahahaha....

I tell ya one thing.....if there is just that kari ikan masin.....and rice....that would suffice for me. No need to eat anything else......just rice and that curry....good enough to eat up till 2 plates of rice I tell ya! :) So delicious man! hehehehe! I didn't eat the cabbage though....thyroid patients are not allowed to eat I let my Mom and Aunt finish that I guess we didn't leave anything for usual everything was eaten up during lunch time :).

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