Monday, May 31, 2010

Kenduri doa selamat

Phew! What a day!! I'm literally forcing myself to write an entry right now about what happened today.....even though I'm so sleepy and exhausted right now.... I thought to hook or by crook I gotta blog about it or else the feeling I'm feeling now won't be the same by tomorrow.....hehehehe.  So I have to release it now ;).

Very early this morning my Aunt, Mom and I had to prepare the new house and my Mom's house for a kenduri doa selamat. We still had to do some cleaning here and there at both houses to make sure everything was in order. Since my Aunt's new house is just a few meters away from my Mom's house we were able to do it at both places. The doa selamat at my Aunt's house and the kenduri at my Mom's house.We had to quickly get things done before the guests arrives at 9.30am.

Basically I had to take the day off from work today to help my Mom and Aunt with all this. Everything that's related to my work had to be put on hold for at least half the day. I thought that the kenduri will be over by 1.00pm, instead it ended for us around 4.00pm...... as usual, when it comes to things like this, it tends to extend beyond our plans. I was only able to have lunch at then I was famished! I felt like my feet was going to body was aching all over.

We feel so blessed that a lot of people contributed to this kenduri. Most of my Mom's friends pitched in and provided a lot of kuih muih, fried meehoon, kerabu mangga, mineral water.....some even gave money. What a blessing! Everybody wanted to give and give. We really didn't expect to get so much. We were so happy that the guests had plenty to eat. No food was wasted as all that was not finished, were given away to guests and friends. The food was marvelous by the way. A special thanks to Faiz's Catering services.....hmmm too bad I didn't take photos of the food. I was kinda shy to do so in front of the guests hahahaha.

My Aunt also received a house warming gift from my Mom's friend......which I thought was super nice because it was handmade. You know how much I love handmade stuff!! hahaha.... It was a patchwork table table cloth for a square table. I adore it so much! Love the colors! Thank you Auntie Somchit for being such a sweetheart! What a lovely thought to make a table cloth as a housewarming gift!

My Aunt also received a bouquet  flowers from my Mom's "anak angkat" Nick.......thank you so much Nick for being such a sweetie!

I would like to thank all who has helped make this event a  successful one!! We all really appreciate it very much from the bottom of our hearts! God bless all of you!!!
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nadja said...

selamat berkenduri.. bawa la berehat.. memang penat kalau dah berkenduri besar nih..

Azlina Abdul said...

Terima kasih Nadja....hehehe....yup...keletihannya masih terasa sampai sekarang huhu