Friday, April 30, 2010

What's the name of this flower??

This is the first time I've seen this flower blooming in my Mom's garden. For months and months all I saw was the plant. Leafy plant with no flowers. So this morning my Mom was pretty excited to see it and started to holler me from her garden, asking me to come out and see it. I was pretty surprised! It's so beautiful! I quickly ran inside the house and took my camera and shot a few pictures of it to share it here. 

I asked my Mom.....errrrr.....Mom, what's the name of this flower?? She said, she didn't know.....she got the plant from her friend's house long long time ago but never bothered to ask about the name. She said the only reason why she got the plant was because of the beautiful flower. :I So typical.....they only care about how pretty it looks and never bother to know the name or origin. So now I'm wondering if her friend knows what's the name of the flower either. 

If anybody out there knows, do let me know ya? Thanks!!!
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mangosteenskin said...

Lin, ur mom's garden is beautiful la. I know the feelings to be there, pasti menenangkan. My mom pun suka tanam bunga, sayur, buah2an... sangat best setiap kali balik kampung bangun awal pagi ronda2 tengok pokok2. ...buah cili yg baru nak keluar dr putik bunga, buah terung yg masih kecil, buah belimbing besi yg bergantungan, aahh...semua nampak comel.

Tapi kan, bunga yg dalam gambar lin ni mango pun tak tahu nama dia. hihi.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hi azlin,

Sorry, although the flower looks familiar, but I do not know its name. Hehehe

Azlina Abdul said...

Mango....yes, I love her garden so much...memang rasa tenang tinggal di sini...seronok tengok pokok2 bunga dan buah-buahan...terasa macam tinggal di kampung padahal tinggal di taman hehehe....'s ok...I'm just wondering that's all. I tried to google but it's hard when I do not know the keywords hehe...hope someday, someone will be able to share with me the name.

Thanks Mango and Willie!!!