Thursday, April 15, 2010

Screaming my lungs out!

I had a bad dream last night.....a really bad I woke up with a bad start this morning.....felt really grumpy. Had a bad migraine as well. Sometimes I just feel so stressed that I wanna scream out loud so that I'll feel a little better afterward....just like how I did back when I was living in Sri Penara, KL....hahahaha.....that was one of the things that I actually miss doing. Here at my Mom's place....there is no way in hell that I can pull a stunt like that! My neighbours would think I've gone bonkers! hahaha! That's the thing about living in Sri Penara.....nobody gives a shit about what you do there. Nobody is going to say anything if you scream your lungs out.....because everybody there does the same thing too every now and then! hahaha! It's so noisy there. That's one of the things I remember most about that place. It's so bloody noisy! I  really thought I was going to loose my hearing if I stayed there long enough. LOL!

I remember one incident during the fasting month there when all those naughty kids played fireworks till late at fact right till dawn, they are still playing it. My sis and I would be so furious that we would start screaming at them. AS IF THEY COULD LISTEN TO US ANYWAYS!!! hahahhaah! We were staying so high up in the building, no one could listen to us, since they were playing on the ground. I think that was the most hilarious time we ever had there because we would be yelling and screaming our lungs out at them and laughing at ourselves at the same time for screaming at them like crazy hahahaha!! That was a KODAK moment! LOL!

When I think about it.......if I ever want to do that now......where can I do it? I can't seem to think of a place nearby where I can scream my lungs out without disturbing other people. Hmmmmm........but there is one other way I can do that though. Which is getting into a car....and make sure all the windows are tightly shut. Then scream my lungs out! LOL! My sis and I would usually like to sing in the car.....sing out loud.....sing our hearts out.......that made us feel real good inside too! I really enjoyed doing that......just pick a song and sing your heart out! What a blast! Yup....I should do that sometime !! I think everyone should give it a's a great stress reliever! ;)
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