Sunday, April 25, 2010

Restaurant Laraseh...

There is this new restaurant just opened up quite nearby my house.....called Restaurant Laraseh. Please don't ask me what Laraseh means, because I have no idea what it means at all hehehe......but the owner told us, that there is a history behind that name......kinda like a family history......unfortunately she neglected to explain to us further about it, so we just left it that way hehehe..... :P

As you can see from the photo above, that's my Mom in that pink baju kurung.......who is about to enjoy her nasi lemak.....hehehe....yum yum.....but it was a little bit too spicy for my taste. Thank God for the teh tarik (milk tea) to wipe away the spicy taste from my tongue....the teh tarik was so delicious....I wish I could have another one after the first glass. Oh! I love that retro looking! Don't you think so? hahahaha......I've tried their ice kacang before and it was quite good. And during this crazy hot weather, it's a wonderful thing to be able to get it so nearby our house. 

I've only been there once during the opening....and never went there again because of the poor service.  The waiter was so rude to us. Not really sure how the service is nowadays but I've been hearing a lot of complaints from the neighbours about this new restaurant. I really hope they will improve as time goes by, because it is so important to have a Muslim restaurant nearby our house. It is very convenient for us Muslims to shop for halal food if we ever feel lazy to go out of the neighbourhood to search for fast food hehehe.

There has not been a Muslim restaurant there as far back as I can remember. So it's the one and only Muslim restaurant in our neighbourhood and I really want it to last there for a long long time. We did leave some constructive comments to the owner so that she will be able to improve more on the service. Hopefully things will work out fine in the future. The restaurant owner was so nice to us......I wish that the waiters were as nice as the owner.......they could learn a lot from her about how to treat their customers. I guess they are quite new in the job and are not properly trained. That explains why their service was poor but that does not explain the rudeness. I noticed quite a lot of that kind of attitude in the younger generation these days. They don't seem to take pride in their work. All they care about it how much money they will get at the end of the month. It's a pity though......and I really hope in future things will change for the better because I really see a lot of potential in this restaurant. A lot of good things can be done there that can benefit our neighbourhood. I wish them all the best and may they improve their service and get more and more customers in future, God willing...
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