Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My eternally messy table.....

Just look at the mess I made at my's a never ending vicious cycle!!!! No matter how many times I clean up my table, it always ends up messy again. This was a result of making two handmade cards.....yup, only two! And yet the mess is like as if I made 20 cards.. :I. Every time I'm rushing or in a hurry to get it done at a short period of time or doing something at the very last minute like I always do hihihihi.....this is what will happen especially if it involves sequins. In this case I accidentally spill the sequins on my table......urrrrggghhh....I hate it when that happens. Especially if the sequins are so when this happens I would just scoop them all up in one big plastic casing....and let it all mix up with the paper scraps and whatever else that is messing my table.....because I'm just too lazy to separate them one by one... LOL!
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