Sunday, April 11, 2010

The heat is on 24/7

I don't know about other places in Malaysia but I do know that in Alor Setar, Kedah right now, the weather is getting more and more hot and quite unbearable at times. Most of the time I will be in my studio making cards and I'm grateful that there is an air conditioner fixed in my studio here otherwise I just can't work. I've tried not switching it on during the day and it's terribly hot! I'll be sweating like crazy and I just find it so difficult to concentrate on my work because of the heat! Even the table, the chairs.....everything I touch in the room feels warm! Imagine that!

The only thing that I find good about the hot weather is the fact that it dries the laundry real fast! hehehehe! really does help a lot in that area. :) However, we do get the rain in the afternoons and evenings sometimes.....yes sometimes, not everyday. But it does not really help cool the house that much.....just a little. The rain usually helps in watering the plants....pity the plants having to face the hot sun everyday like that. We had to make sure that the small plants and the big trees we have here get enough water. One of our Rambutan tree has flowered but the other one has not. Usually they flower at the same time but I guess because of the terrible heat, the tree doesn't seem to be it's usual self this year. I guess we won't be getting any Rambutan in May or June like always.....perhaps we will only get to eat the Rambutans after the Eidul Fitri.

During hot weather like this, we tend to take a lot of cold drinks and sweet cold ice cream, ais kacang/ air batu campur, lin chi kang ais, cendol.....all sorts of sweet cold treats that comes to mind during this time. I drink a lot of water especially.....but always reminding myself not to overdose  it hehehehe.....all those sweet cold desserts / drinks will put on more pounds in you know where! hahahaha! So, I have to be careful! Otherwise what a waste it will be to do all that exercise all this time and end up gaining those extra pounds for the sake of staying cool hahahahaha!
I can't go out during the day that much with the weather like this either. Everything has to be planned out so that I can avoid the hot sun. I only go out in case of an emergency. And if I organize everything much earlier, then all is problem whatsoever :). I guess the heat is not going to be reduced in would probably get worse in future. I can't imagine it getting any worse than this. I know it will  get hotter and hotter someday and I wish there is something we can do to stop that. But I don't think's easier said than done. It has to be a collective effort. We just learn to adapt and survive it the best we can before we die........
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CC said...

I hope you cool off soon! I know what that humidity does to you!
Fancy pants new blog background! You are having fun!
Love you!

Azlina Abdul said...

Hi Sweetie!
Yup I hope the rain will help cool me down! I'm loving the new blog templates that Blogger has provided for us...I'm having fun with them!
Love you too!