Friday, April 16, 2010

Big surprise!

I'm all smiles this afternoon! What a lovely surprise!!! I've just received this photo from my customer.....she sent it to me via MMS just now. What a surprise!! hehehe! None of my customer has ever done this before. She must be really really happy with the birthday card I made for her hehehe!! :)

I'm so happy that she loved it! I always worry what my customer would think of my designs every time I get a request to custom make cards for them. I would panic and get all  nervous about it. But once I get their feedback, it's such a relief! Like a huge rock been lifted off my shoulders or something! hehehe! Honestly, that's how I always feel every time. 

These are the things that drives me to improve more and work harder to make my customer happy with my work. A big thank you for my customer, Nurullizah for sending me this have no idea how happy you made me today!!! Sayang you! hihihihi! :)
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