Friday, April 30, 2010

What's the name of this flower??

This is the first time I've seen this flower blooming in my Mom's garden. For months and months all I saw was the plant. Leafy plant with no flowers. So this morning my Mom was pretty excited to see it and started to holler me from her garden, asking me to come out and see it. I was pretty surprised! It's so beautiful! I quickly ran inside the house and took my camera and shot a few pictures of it to share it here. 

I asked my Mom.....errrrr.....Mom, what's the name of this flower?? She said, she didn't know.....she got the plant from her friend's house long long time ago but never bothered to ask about the name. She said the only reason why she got the plant was because of the beautiful flower. :I So typical.....they only care about how pretty it looks and never bother to know the name or origin. So now I'm wondering if her friend knows what's the name of the flower either. 

If anybody out there knows, do let me know ya? Thanks!!!
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tim Urban and Siobhan Magnus was voted out....huhuhuhu

Anybody here fans of the American Idol?? I am.....and so is my Mom hehehehe......we are into the zone every week when the show is on. We even watch the repeats of the show at other times of the day. Well, we can do that because of Astro hehehehe. Astro will repeat the show a few times a day so it's great especially if the songs were our favorites for that week. Last week Tim Urban was voted out and this week I can't believe that Siobhan Magnus was voted out.....I guess it is inevitable because there are only 6 finalist now in American Idol Season 9 and one of them is bound to be voted out each week until they come to the final two. I wonder who will be the next American's so exciting!!! 

I was thinking in my head that Siobhan would make it to the final two.....her being voted out really came as a surprise to me especially since she was given good reviews from the judges this week except for Simon who said that she sounded in some parts, like someone who was giving birth!! Gosh! How could he! So bad! Boo! I thought she sounded good.....huhuhu. I love Tim too.....he has a great smile and a great voice....I thought he was doing so well and it was a surprise for me too when he got voted just doesn't seem to make sense. People are just not voting hard enough for them. I can't vote coz I'm not an American hahahaha....too bad.

Please check out my favorite performances from these two talented singers..... in this Youtube videos :)

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Ramly Burger

I love hamburgers ........don't you??? I'm sure a lot of people out there love it too. My Mom and I have been buying them quite a few a while back......errrr....don't get me wrong....we don't buy and eat them every day......just once in a while when the cravings kicks in hehehe. But I told my Mom that it's not really that healthy eating those burgers that we buy from those burger stalls because not only are they so oily but also some of the things they added in the making of the burger itself makes me have allergic reactions sometimes. :P

So we decided to buy these frozen Ramly Burger to keep in stock in the fridge so that whenever we have cravings, we would fry and make our own burgers.....less sinful ones hehehehe..... :P As you can see from the photo above, that's how I make my burger......layered with so many butter head lettuce and slices of tomatoes and cucumbers.....I don't think you can see the tomatoes or cucumbers here that much because the lettuce has hidden them all hahahaha....but you can see the burger right?? Yeah, instead of beef burger, we bought ourselves these frozen fish burgers made by Ramly Burger.......hmmm, they are not bad at all.....quiet tasty!!I love eating lettuce.....they are so good for us. The best thing about it is that it is great for our cleanses it....better than how papayas can clean it is so easy to clean, it does not have to be cooked and it is best to eat it raw with all the life enzymes  still intact! So it works great for me since I usually don't have much time to cook these days....hehehehe.

This is what I had for lunch today....hehehhe.....another blissful lunch time....... ;)
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Full moon!

After my morning prayers I looked out my bedroom window and I saw a full moon in the sky! Wow! So pretty! I just had to shoot some photos of it before the clouds blocks it. These photos were taken around 6.40am this morning. I quickly ran to get my digital camera and headed outside to the front of the house and started shooting. It was so difficult to get a good photograph of it. I'm not using a DSLR....and probably because it was so dark, the camera starting vibrating.....not enough light I some of the photos were shaky and some were ok.....those above are the ones that are good enough to share here....they are quite clear. 

Right after shooting, I had some Jacob's wholewheat crackers and a cup of Anlene chocolate and then accompanied my Mom to visit my aunt's house that is still under renovation.  She bought a house just a few meters away from our house. Everything looks good so far. I just can't wait for the renovations to be completed so that she can move back to Alor Setar next month. She is pretty excited herself. 

After touring the house I quickly jumped on my bicycle and headed towards the park for my morning workout. Gosh....I'm getting sick and tired of the people who bothers me at my cycling track.....hmmmm...looks like I can't keep cycling at the same track everyday now.....need to find other cycling tracks that might work for me....or just making it not so routine so that they wouldn't know what time I'll be there and where I will be exactly each morning.....just to be on the safe side I guess. Need to be safe since I'm working out alone. Better be safe than sorry right? :I
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dreamy creamy puffies!!

WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! At last! After weeks of dreaming of this sweet sinful dessert.....I get to eat these dreamy creamy puffies today!! I was out to the stationary store today to get my craft supplies and on the way back home my Mom and I stopped at Kedai Kek Sayang to get these cream puffs. 2 for me and 2 for my Mom hehehehe....... I haven't been in this bakery shop for years and years. OMG! The cream puffs still tastes the same like it did back in my school days. It's so yummy....just the way I love it. There is another kind of cream puff that has custard in it......that tastes nice too but I prefer this one better.

I do feel a little guilty for indulging this cream puff today......but for all the hard work I've done for the past few months of exercising, I think I deserve a little treat every now and then. (excuses....excuses!!) LOL! Seriously.....if once in a blue moon, we treat ourselves with desserts won't hurt the diet right??? I just have to make sure I do my cardio consistently. That will help me not gain a lot of weight. :I

I was joking with the owner of the bakery shop how I had to control myself from buying more pastries and cakes there because everything there looked so super delicious. I just wanted one of each item! But of course that's not advisable hahahaha......I am only allowing myself to buy one item each time I go there. This way, I get to appreciate it more. If you buy too many types, then it will all get mixed up in our stomach and you wouldn't get to savor each one of them because your taste buds are confused by the time all flavors gets mixed up in our mouth. My Mom wished that I had bought more of those cream puffs.....but I told her that two is enough for today. It's more than enough actually. We'll get some more some other time when we actually deserve one! hahahaha! No point in working out if we eat like there is no tomorrow.......LOL!
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A sleepy + hungry afternoon....

It rained quite a lot this afternoon.....and it is still raining even up till now. The weather outside is so cool and breezy.....a good time for a walk or cycling at the park. But right now all I feel like doing is sleeping......feel so incredibly sleepy to the max! I could barely concentrate on my work today.....couldn't focus....couldn't pay attention much to whatever my Mom is saying either coz I could only see the pillow....that fluffy pillow on my bed and my cozy patchwork blanket wrapped around me.

Hmmmmm........if the weather is too hot....I feel sleepy and tired........if it's cold, I feel sleepy and hungry...LOL! Weird but true.....the cold weather makes me so hungry.....I feel like eating a hot spicy chicken hamburger with layers of cheese, lettuce,tomato....the whole lot. And some hot fries with a hot teh tarik or hot coffee.....hmmmm...yum yum......errrmmmm still thinking of what more food to eat banana fritters, dip with some spicy sauce......yum Mom's chicken with tons of cheese on it.....and the list just keep going......oh God!!! I need something hot and spicy now....sigh.... :I
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Kueh sfera.....or shall I say curry puffs!!

Yummmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I love eating this.....but please take note...I only love them if Mom makes them or if my Maksu makes them.....or I make them myself hahahaha.......and today, my Mom made it and I helped her with the frying. I'm good at it frying chicken, banana fritters or whatever.....I'm just good at controlling the fire at the stove and knowing how to adjust it accordingly. I know that sounds silly to chefs or cooks who are such an expert in cooking to hear me say that.....but believe you me, that kind of skill takes years and years of practice hahahaha!!! LOL! Gosh, I crack myself up sometimes!

I's not that others can't make it delicious enough for me to eat.....but sometimes the recipe in the dough that makes all the difference. And I also think it has something to do with the filling. My Mom makes it Indian style...very spicy curry potato filling.....I love it.....we can eat it with bread too if we are too lazy to make these curry puffs....

I know it's not normal.....but I'm having these for lunch today.........BLISS!!!!
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Wide awake....

Here I am at 12.00am not being able to sleep......been checking my list of card orders for the month and it's crazy.....I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this...huhuhuhu............

Although sometimes I wish I have an assistant......but deep down inside....I don't want one! LOL! Why? Because I'm the type of person who loves to work alone. It's my artwork and I don't think anybody else can comprehend how I do what I do the way I do it......I like it to be done my way or NO WAY......simply put.

I'm just impossible to work with anyways.......just too strict.....too meticulous....too everything I suppose. People with get so upset with me....I know it. hehehehe......I'm better off working with machines perhaps. Talking about machines.....all I can think of right now is when can I get that Cuttlebug machine. That machine will help me wonderfully....huhuhuhuhu.......I want oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

I wanna buy it soon.....but when.....that's a million dollar I day that baby is going to be mine....mine......all mine!!!! Ok ok....too many exclamation marks there.....maybe it's time to go to bed.....I'm getting a little testy here.....not enough rest and not enough chocolate to eat the past few months.....tomorrow is another day of working out at the park......can't wait.....I miss it today.....there will always be a day in the week when I will miss it. But at least I'm doing something to improve my health......rather than doing nothing at all about it. No matter what I wanna see my tummy as flat as the runaway at the airport by the end of the year! That's my target. By hook or by crook! Anyways, working out always cheers me never fails....ok......nite nite everyone!!
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Papier mache'

Nice or not???? heheheh! This is one of my earliest papier mache' projects. I made it  years ago when I was unemployed. I've just graduated at that time and didn't know what to do with the spare time I had and was thinking of ways to explore my craft skills. This was one of the many things I did including experimenting with the card making hobby which is my main source of income nowadays :). I made so many papier mache' bowls and pencil all of them are placed for display in the glass cupboard. I did a lot of experiments back then......I was like a mad scientist hahahaha......a poor mad scientist hahahaha.....

I learn how to make this papier mache' bowl from a TV program if I'm not mistaken. They showed on TV how it was done and I quickly tried it out to see if it really works. I was a ceramic student so that's why I loved making all this stuff that's has some connection with the forms and function of the craft itself. I didn't have the opportunity to do ceramic related work after graduation, so I did things that kinda reminded me of it in a way. Although the things I did later were just made from paper hehehe......At that point I realized how much we can do with paper. There are all sorts of projects to be tried out that's related to paper. If I had internet access back then, I would probably be even more inventive with my experiments. But since I didn't, I just did what I can with the sources I had available. I even recycled paper back then. Be it newspaper, old A4 paper and all sorts of paper that can be recycled.

I was so much into recycling that my room looked like a junk yard......I collected so much of junk to be recycled hahahaha........but now, that is in the past. I don't do much collecting anymore, although sometimes I do get second hand stuff from my aunt....she is the recycling type as she like to give me things every now and then that she thinks I can use for my business. But I use a lot of new stuff these days for my business. I don't like to mix second hand stuff with new materials anymore. I try to giveaway  second hand stuff instead of keeping them in my room till they start to decompose. hahahahha. I still keep most of my recycled paper. There are lots of them still unused. I treasure them since I don't have the time to make new ones anymore. I will share with you all some photos of it someday. :)
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Restaurant Laraseh...

There is this new restaurant just opened up quite nearby my house.....called Restaurant Laraseh. Please don't ask me what Laraseh means, because I have no idea what it means at all hehehe......but the owner told us, that there is a history behind that name......kinda like a family history......unfortunately she neglected to explain to us further about it, so we just left it that way hehehe..... :P

As you can see from the photo above, that's my Mom in that pink baju kurung.......who is about to enjoy her nasi lemak.....hehehe....yum yum.....but it was a little bit too spicy for my taste. Thank God for the teh tarik (milk tea) to wipe away the spicy taste from my tongue....the teh tarik was so delicious....I wish I could have another one after the first glass. Oh! I love that retro looking! Don't you think so? hahahaha......I've tried their ice kacang before and it was quite good. And during this crazy hot weather, it's a wonderful thing to be able to get it so nearby our house. 

I've only been there once during the opening....and never went there again because of the poor service.  The waiter was so rude to us. Not really sure how the service is nowadays but I've been hearing a lot of complaints from the neighbours about this new restaurant. I really hope they will improve as time goes by, because it is so important to have a Muslim restaurant nearby our house. It is very convenient for us Muslims to shop for halal food if we ever feel lazy to go out of the neighbourhood to search for fast food hehehe.

There has not been a Muslim restaurant there as far back as I can remember. So it's the one and only Muslim restaurant in our neighbourhood and I really want it to last there for a long long time. We did leave some constructive comments to the owner so that she will be able to improve more on the service. Hopefully things will work out fine in the future. The restaurant owner was so nice to us......I wish that the waiters were as nice as the owner.......they could learn a lot from her about how to treat their customers. I guess they are quite new in the job and are not properly trained. That explains why their service was poor but that does not explain the rudeness. I noticed quite a lot of that kind of attitude in the younger generation these days. They don't seem to take pride in their work. All they care about it how much money they will get at the end of the month. It's a pity though......and I really hope in future things will change for the better because I really see a lot of potential in this restaurant. A lot of good things can be done there that can benefit our neighbourhood. I wish them all the best and may they improve their service and get more and more customers in future, God willing...
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lauk siya' again??!!

Oh Mom is actually considering buying ready made food from her friend who is doing a catering business with her son. Her friend stopped by today at our house to discuss further on the matter and promote her son's new business. Her son is just starting out on this new venture and is looking for potential clients. So my Mom was one of her target so to speak hehehehe..... And since my Mom has a lot of connections, she is supposed to help find other potential clients for her friend as well....acckkkk! Well, we always like to help our friends hehehe.... ;)

It's not that I don't agree with the whole idea 100% but the thought of the wastage that might happen just puts me off. We used to take " lauk siya' " as we call it in the tiffin carrier like the photo you see above, back when my sis and I were still schooling. At that time my Mom was so busy with her work as a school teacher that she decided to order food on a daily basis. I remembered how horrible the food tasted because it was mass produced and were not cooked properly. It tasted quite bad. I remembered, after a few months of taking the food, my late Father told my Mom that he just couldn't take it anymore and that he would rather have fried fish and soya sauce everyday instead of those food in the tiffin carrier! hahahaha! He was a simple man indeed.....just like me! I didn't mind if my Mom just cooked us one long as she cooked it for us.....coz her cooking tasted 10 times better than those food she ordered from the caterer.

Another thing is if the food is not tasteful, there is that tendency of wastage.......I mean, if no one wants to finish up the food, we would end up keeping a lot of leftovers in the fridge. And if this scenario continues on a daily basis, imagine what the fridge would look like inside! Full of leftovers! Accckkkk! :P

That's what keeps lingering on my mind right now.....huhuhu.....but then again, if the food is good, then it would be quite helpful for us since we sometimes are too busy to cook ourselves. I keep thinking perhaps we should just give it a try for a month and see how it goes. But if it doesn't work out, how do we tell her that we wish to stop it.....that's the problem when you are dealing with a would find it hard to say NO right?? And we would feel sorry for her for not helping her out with her business by not ordering food from her anymore. Sigh......oh head hurts just thinking about I think I'll just leave it to my Mom to handle this problem......end of!
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Cooling off!

I switched on the air con in my room and on the fan I feel like I'm sitting in the refrigerator hehehe......feels pretty good now! It's a must these days to do that because of this crazy hot weather. I also realized that I have been drinking a lot of cold drinks for the past 3 days now.....even at night time! Last two nights ago I've been drinking two mugs of chocolate ice drinks.......yum yum......I know it's bad but that was the only thing I had for supper......I usually have my dinner quite early around for supper around 9.00pm, all I do is drink......drink and drink and drink lots of water.......I get so thirsty at that time....donno why. Dehydrated I suppose. :P
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Pokok Kemuning

I love this tree! It has a very strong sweet fragrance from the white flowers that blooms all year round. My Mom planted quite a few of them around the house. So every morning, we will get the smell them all around the garden, especially if there is a strong wind around. The wind will spread the fragrance everywhere and sometimes we could even smell it when we are in the house. 

My late grandmother had planted this tree long time ago at her own house. The tree I remembered  there was so tall as our house now. It can grow up to be so big. But when she passed away, there was no one to take care of her garden and the people who rented her house did not maintain her garden well.....years later all her plants were dead. I was so sad when I went to her house years ago and saw her garden wiped out, looking like a football field.......gone, all gone! I felt like someone ripped my heart out! That garden used to be my playground when I was a little kid. It was my heaven. It was heaven for me and my sister and also for all the little kids there in the neighbourhood. We had great memories there. Sigh.....

When I look at that reminds me of my late grandmother....miss her so much. She loved gardening so much.....and so does my Mom too. Now my Mom has her own large garden at her house .....except that her garden is not as big as my late grandma's.......and I hope this garden will keep making people happy......I do not want it to be wiped out like the one at my grandma's house. I'll make sure it stays beautiful.......God willing.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Woodpecker!

As I was cycling this morning during my morning workout, I stumbled upon a woodpecker at the park....I couldn't believe it! It was quite high above the tree and it made this distinctive sound which was  a sound of a bird that  I've never heard before.....obviously because I've never seen one in real life so I didn't know what it sounded like. The only sound of a woodpecker that I know of is the sound of WOODY WOODPECKER!! You know...that cartoon series??? Yeah, that one! That one I know......but the real life one I didn't now I know!! LOL!

The one I saw was similar to this photo above.......It was not that big....quite cute! And it was pecking the big branch on the tree.......oh gosh! It was such an interesting sight to see.....I love nature so much and this was a treat for me! All these years I never knew that that bird actually exists here.....I thought it only exists in the US hahahahaha....How ignorant of me.....oh well! LOL!

I've been cycling at that area for the past few months now and this is the first time I saw it.....amazing...wonder if I would get a chance to see it again tomorrow. I wish I had a digital SLR camera so that I can take a shot at's hard to take pictures with the ordinary digital camera....especially if your subject matter is way up on the tree. But then again, it would be difficult as well to carry that big SLR when the small camera is best. Hmmm....maybe I'll get lucky again tomorrow.....we shall see how it goes! ;)
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Calmness in today's chaos!

What can I was one of those days when I almost lost it.....almost lost my calm but I'm glad I didn't. Surprisingly sometimes I am so calm when facing days like this.....other times I just loose it. But today's chaos was made worse by my Mom's uncontrollable anger as well. I can't blame her because people do tend to do stupid things to her and as a result causes a lot of anger that's waiting to be burst! And sure enough it did burst least 5 times! Times like this I usually make stupid silly jokes to calm her nerves.....but, unfortunately it didn't work! LOL! I do think that her anger is a influenced by the heat as well....the hot weather makes us feel easily agitated and restless and we just wanna say arrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!! sometimes! hahahah!

I had an important delivery to make today and I was running late.....I was so worried....very very worried....but surprisingly I was so calm.....thank God for that....I can't imagine if I went all panicky....I would surely find it difficult to get the work done if I was. So I managed to do it all just in the nick of about luck man!!! It was crazy! I never thought that I was going to make it.....and when it did, gosh.....the feeling is like a ton of bricks just fell of my shoulders. I must remember not to do this to myself again. I really thought I was able to do this order in time....I thought I had the I said yes to this order and then padan muka aku!!!! LOL! Why oh why do I do this to myself???? Well, perhaps because I need the money?? Duhhhhhh....of course laaa......but come to think of's not worth  doing it if  just for the sake of money if  I ruin my reputation by not being able to get the orders done on time right? So, I must be aware of that always. Must never hurt people's feelings.....especially customers who believe and trust that you will get their orders done within the specified time.

Lunch came to me quite late......I had it at that time I was so famished that I ate like there's no tomorrow hahahaha.......well, to be exact I only had a burger.....but that burger was so big and it had lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes too was also wrapped in 2 layers of egg omelet! My Mom told me that she used 3 eggs to make those 2 layers of omelet! Acckkkkk! I thought it was only one piece......but since the two omelets were stuck together so I didn't realize it was two pieces of Mom was so mad because one piece was for me and the other piece was meant for her! LOL! Gosh.....since I ate 3 eggs today, that means, no eggs for me for the next 2 weeks! I've never had so many at any one time before......the most would be only I broke the record today hahaha....
I have another card to be done by tomorrow and I haven't even started doing it.......gosh....I'm so tired....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......I just wanna listen to the golden oldies and relax tonight.....perhaps do some sketches a bit for the card design later.....and do the rest of the work tomorrow......can't wait to do my workout tomorrow morning.....I missed it this morning because of the emergency today. happens sometimes...... :I
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3/4 of the day gone!

3/4 of the day gone just like that! And what have I done so far....? As far as work is concerned? Nothing...absolutely nothing!!! Coz since morning I was busy with workouts.....then I went out with my Mom to the hospital....she had to go and get her monthly medicine for her high blood pressure.....then we headed to the post office, paid the bills and posted the prizes I packed for the 4 lucky winners of my blog giveaway and then we headed to the electronics shop to help my Mom look for the electronic appliances for my aunt's new home. We were there for such a long long time!!! I was feeling so guilty coz there is a lot of work to be done today at home and there I was at that shop looking for washing machine, fridge, fans, ovens and what not.....discussing and bargaining the prices.....gosh, how boring and so unproductive for me.....but, I did learn a thing or two about how to buy and what's best to look for when it comes to buying these stuff for the house. 

Then  we headed for my favourite stationary store to get my art supplies......and after that we had to make a stop at the food stall to get our lunch, coz we didn't have time to cook our lunch, so we were forced to buy instead......we were starving by then and also dehydrated because of the hot weather outside. The heat is getting worse and worse each day......thank God for the rain in the helps a little to lower the temperature. I try to drink as much water as I can each day to make sure I'm well hydrated.

When we reached home......had lunch.....prayed, then I went straight to my room to start working.....checked my emails and saw that I have so many emails to tired of replying honestly.....I need help in that area......anybody interested to help??? hehehhe! Seriously, I sometimes wish I can do work and think of how to solve problems faster than the speeding bullet! I'm so slow and yet there are tons of work to be how???? die la die!!! I know I'm going to be upsetting a lot of people due to my slowness....hahahha.....but what can I do, I only have two hands......huhuhuhuhu......and one super slow no no no no!!! I mustn't say's so negative.....must always say nice things about my brain....hehehehehe......God willing, I'll be able to work smarter and faster soon......please pray for my's not doing so good lately.....I need it to earn a living..... :I
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Purple lotus flower....

Aren't they just beautiful??!!! I wonder if any of you remember that I used to blog about this purple lotus flower before. But at that time the plant was only a small one and it was in a smaller water pot.  Now....tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! It's been transferred into a much larger container that can fit in so many pots in it. My Mom, who is the genius in gardening was the one who did this with the help of Rose, our weekly Indonesian maid hehehe......I would have helped if I had some free time....hehehe....I love gardening too.... :) It's such a satisfying hobby....especially when the trees that you planted grow big and nice and looks so healthy. Just looking at them can give you such simple pleasures.

My Mom would love to have a pond at our house but it's way to expensive to make one and it's super high maintenance was the reason why we don't have one at our home. I mean, we both love watching  a lot of  fish swim in the water......but we prefer them to be in a bigger space. So far, we've been keeping them in the aquarium and also in smaller water pots. I really got a shock when one day she bought this large water container so that she can plant the lotus flower in it and have some fish included in it too. 

But you know what???? My Mom did put in quite a lot of small fish in it so that we can prevent mosquitoes breeding in it, unfortunately every time my Mom does so, we would find out the next day that all of the fish are gone! Where did they go??? Well, apparently, something came by and ate them all up!!! Darn it!! Until now, it still remains a mystery.......we still have not caught the culprit! I wonder if it was a cat or a small fox. I guess we will never know unless we have a video camera fixed at the place or stay up all night peeping by the window waiting for the culprit to appear hahahaha...... :D

So Mom put teeny weeny guppies in it......which is something that the culprit will find so hard to catch! hehehe! We tested for a few days to see if the guppies are still there......and sure enough, they are still alive and swimming happily in it. Looks like the plan worked! Well, for me.....I don't mind whatever fish she puts in it, as long as I can see fish swimming in it.....that's enough to make me feel giddy inside! ;)
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mayday! Mayday!

You know it's time to do your laundry when suddenly there are a lot of empty spaces in your wardrobe! Yup! Sometimes I get so caught up with work, I forget that it's time to do my laundry.  :O I keep taking and taking and taking the clothes from the wardrobe and not washing them till they run out! Then suddenly I see my laundry basket filled up with dirty clothes as high as Mount Everest! LOL! That's when I hear....MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! running through my head! Yikes! Why can't they just get washed by themselves??!!! Urrrgggghhhhh! 

It's a never ending vicious cycle I wear wash dry fold keep them nicely in your wardrobe.......then.....YOU WEAR THEM yet again!!!! It goes on and on and on till you die! LOL! :D Unless you wanna go around with your daily routine not wearing anything at all.......well....that's never gonna happen with me! No way hozey! Sigh....... :I

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Agar-agar sirap merah + susu pekat manis!!!!

Yummyyyyyyyyy!!!! Ok, I know I'm not allowed to eat this during my dieting period but because of the hot weather, I couldn't resist myself from taking one of this cold agar-agar sirap merah with this sweetened condensed milk! One of this is enough to satisfy my cravings hehehehe!

My Mom made lots of this agar-agar sirap merah and keep them in the fridge to cool. It is believed that the agar-agar can help cool our body during the hot weather. Eating it alone is good enough but when you add the sweetened condensed just adds a touch of yumminess!!! hahaha! See? I'm so happy already this afternoon! All that was needed to do was to have this cheap dessert and I'm all better! LOL! No worries! ;)

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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Old frying pans and ceramic toilet tank as plant pots! hehehe! Yup....these are my Mom's work.....she loves to recycle stuff that are supposed to be either given away or thrown away. Sometimes I wonder why she bothers to do all this because she does have so many unused good quality plant pots available to plant her why use these old pans?? I couldn't get an answer from her either. She'll get upset whenever I ask her.......she's always hoping that I would be able to read her mind or something hehehehe! I just don't get it.....I guess I'll have to look at it in a different way......treat it like a work of art! ;)
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Big surprise!

I'm all smiles this afternoon! What a lovely surprise!!! I've just received this photo from my customer.....she sent it to me via MMS just now. What a surprise!! hehehe! None of my customer has ever done this before. She must be really really happy with the birthday card I made for her hehehe!! :)

I'm so happy that she loved it! I always worry what my customer would think of my designs every time I get a request to custom make cards for them. I would panic and get all  nervous about it. But once I get their feedback, it's such a relief! Like a huge rock been lifted off my shoulders or something! hehehe! Honestly, that's how I always feel every time. 

These are the things that drives me to improve more and work harder to make my customer happy with my work. A big thank you for my customer, Nurullizah for sending me this have no idea how happy you made me today!!! Sayang you! hihihihi! :)
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Andrew Garcia

Andrew Garcia is out??!!!! Oh GOD!!! He was eliminated along with Katie Stevens on American Idol yesterday.....huhuhuhuhu why why why?????? I feel so sad about that because I really adore his voice. I must say, he has a unique voice and sounds beautiful compared to the other contestants. I really feel that he deserves to stay on till the finals.

But what can I do.....I can only hope that someday he will have the opportunity to make his own record. I would love to hear his voice on the radio. I wouldn't mind buying his CD too hehehehe... :) Looks like  from now onwards, American Idol will never be the same again without him around to entertain us. But I'm still hopeful that my other American Idol favorite which is Siobhan Magnus will make it to the finals! Love her. She looks commercial....has a beautiful voice and has good showmanship too. I've always love watching her perform. She has that package. Oh well.....we will just have to wait and see what happens next! 

There are quite a few songs that I love from Andrew.....but this two are currently my fave! Have a listen!


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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Screaming my lungs out!

I had a bad dream last night.....a really bad I woke up with a bad start this morning.....felt really grumpy. Had a bad migraine as well. Sometimes I just feel so stressed that I wanna scream out loud so that I'll feel a little better afterward....just like how I did back when I was living in Sri Penara, KL....hahahaha.....that was one of the things that I actually miss doing. Here at my Mom's place....there is no way in hell that I can pull a stunt like that! My neighbours would think I've gone bonkers! hahaha! That's the thing about living in Sri Penara.....nobody gives a shit about what you do there. Nobody is going to say anything if you scream your lungs out.....because everybody there does the same thing too every now and then! hahaha! It's so noisy there. That's one of the things I remember most about that place. It's so bloody noisy! I  really thought I was going to loose my hearing if I stayed there long enough. LOL!

I remember one incident during the fasting month there when all those naughty kids played fireworks till late at fact right till dawn, they are still playing it. My sis and I would be so furious that we would start screaming at them. AS IF THEY COULD LISTEN TO US ANYWAYS!!! hahahhaah! We were staying so high up in the building, no one could listen to us, since they were playing on the ground. I think that was the most hilarious time we ever had there because we would be yelling and screaming our lungs out at them and laughing at ourselves at the same time for screaming at them like crazy hahahaha!! That was a KODAK moment! LOL!

When I think about it.......if I ever want to do that now......where can I do it? I can't seem to think of a place nearby where I can scream my lungs out without disturbing other people. Hmmmmm........but there is one other way I can do that though. Which is getting into a car....and make sure all the windows are tightly shut. Then scream my lungs out! LOL! My sis and I would usually like to sing in the car.....sing out loud.....sing our hearts out.......that made us feel real good inside too! I really enjoyed doing that......just pick a song and sing your heart out! What a blast! Yup....I should do that sometime !! I think everyone should give it a's a great stress reliever! ;)
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Just be....

I can't be what you want me to be......and you can't be what I want you to we just be what we want to be because that's what makes us happy. That's what puts a smile on our face everyday.....because we just be....

I don't want to be selfish....I don't want to demand this and that from anyone.....I wouldn't want anyone to be selfish and demand this and that from me either. So that's why I try not to do that to others because I don't want other people to do that to me......simple isn't it? You don't do onto others what you don't want others do onto you...
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I can't help it....

I can't help it.....

I can't help it if I am the way I's just how I am....I'm sorry if people can't accept how I am now or how I was before.....

I'd like to think that I've been doing a lot for myself in the past few years to improve my flaws.....although I still have a lot to improve in many areas....I'm only human....made not perfect. Neither is anyone. Nobody will ever be perfect in every way......there's bound to be something that lacks...

I'm frustrated with people who expect too much from me.... I can't always give them what they want or need. The thing is.....if you can't find in me what you want or need.....why still hang around me......why???? Isn't it easier to just go and find what you want some place else? Why stick around and make me miserable with your high expectations. It makes me sad.....really really sad.....I can't be who you want me to be....I can only be myself......there was a time when I really wished that I was that person that you wanted....but I'm not.

I can only pray that you will find what you need someday and be really happy with your life. That's all I ever for you to be happy. If you are happy then I'll be happy too.......
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I read in the Harian Metro online news today about this blogger Red who makes RM10,000 a month through advertisements alone! Wow! I've heard of stories like this before and am inspired to do the pretty much motivated whenever I read stories like this hehehe.....Of course everyone wants it...who doesn't.....but it does takes a lot of work to achieve it....a lot of time need to be spent online to write a blog post. And according to this pretty young lady, she writes about 10 posts a day! Wow! That's a lot to write to generate the traffic to your blog!  But come to think of it, I think it's a good investment. I really do need the money to help me with my business. Just a click at the Nuffnang advertisements can really help me a lot. It sure has helped this lady a lot I must say! hehehe!

Ok, let me put it this way, we all spent a lot of time online doing other things sometimes that are not really contributing much to us other than personal satisfaction. For example like myself, I think I spend too much time surfing the Youtube......searching and listening to songs sometimes for hours and hours.....of course the one thing I get from it is, I feel so happy for a few hours, that's it! But other than that, I don't get anything else. Another thing is Facebook....I spend a lot of my time there too hehehehe......So, I really need to organize my time properly if I really want to make this work. I have to set aside some time, allocate some time for blogging.....and make it regular. I must admit I've only been regular this past few days.....before that I haven't been blogging that much here. And I have 2 other blogs that are not active at all for the past few months! Yikes! The only ones that are active are my card blog and my personal blog. Sigh.......

I have the vision.....I am inspired.....I have made the effort.....but need to really implement what I say.....and really do well at it. I feel embarrassed that for someone like me who is not married....have no husband and kids to take care of, I still can't manage to blog as much as that lady. She must be really a superwoman man!! hahahaha! I don't know how she manage to pull it off, but I sure wish I could do it like her. LOL! Wish me luck people!!! :)
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