Monday, February 1, 2010

Starfruit tree

Do you see what I see?? hehehhe ......yeah, that's right! It's a couple of starfruit hanging from the tree. My Mom had that tree at our house for years now but we never really had a good bite from the fruit itself because it always get attacked by the insects before we ever get the chance to see it actually grow big enough to eat. So this time I was fortunate enough to see it grow that big. So cool!

I also love looking at the flowers. It's so cute and small.....purplish pink in color. The tree flower a lot but like I said, we never get the chance to see it fruit that much because of the insects. We don't even do anything to prevent the insects from attacking it. We just let nature and God decide what will happen hehehehe LOL! Truth is.....we are just plain lazy to do anything about it!! hahaha!

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