Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Purple lotus flower...

I've been waiting for this moment for the longest time......a few months actually!! Ever since my Mom bought this last year. I was the one who insisted that she bought it at the plant nursery because I loved the color of the lotus flower so much. My Mom didn't like it as much at first because it was pricey and because the flower was a bit....you know......SMALL! Well, compared to the other lotus type plant we have here at our house, this one is considered pretty small.

This one is also a bit different because the leaves are floating on the water itself compared to the other ones we have where the leaves are above the water level. I for one have always loved this type of lotus flower because I always imagine some frog resting on the leaf hahaha......well, a teeny tiny frog perhaps, not a big fat one because surely the leaf would dive in the water due to the heavy weight of the frog hahahaha. LOL!

I also noticed that the flower only opens up in bloom during the day time.....at night time it closes up and opens up again the next day........so beautiful.....love it! :)
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