Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ikan dalam kolah lama

Malas nak speaking English hari ni.....nak speaking separuh jer boleh? ehehehehe.....well, actually I wanted to share here today photos of one of the containers where my Mom keeps her pet fish. There are lots of them in there....mostly guppies and sword tails.... You know why? Because those types of fish are dirt cheap to buy and they are great for putting in containers such as this where she puts her water plants in. This way, there won't be any mosquito eggs or larvae in it because the small fish will eat them up! :) So we are safe from mosquitoes!

I like watching the fish in the water container swim....and eat and eat and of any care in the problems whatsoever......just keep swimming...just keep swimming....just keep swimming hehehehe.....LOL!
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Grace to You said...

Your mom is a genius!! Seriously. What a brilliant way to keep down the mosquitos!

Azlina Abdul said...

Indeed she is!! And what a joy it is to watch those fish swimming in's a good therapy hehehe!!