Monday, November 16, 2009

Heavy rain.....

It's been raining quite heavily these's freezing cold! But what I miss most during these raining days is that I can't cycle in the morning as I used to. It rains every morning here.....throughout the day and sometimes till night time....and continues on raining till the next morning. I miss cycling! Urrrggghhh! :(

The weather has been pretty crazy these past few months.......when it gets hot, it's really really hot and when it rains, it pours!! It really does pour! I wish it would be more balanced but who am I to control these things hehehe......I can only ask God for good weather in future and ask Him to keep us safe from the bad weather. :)

It is rather cozy need to keep the fan on high volume or switch on the air conditioner.....because the weather is cool and nice....I get to do my work comfortably in my studio. But sometimes it gets too comfortable that I feel like dozing off to sleep! hehehe! I'm just enjoying the rain now no matter what.....I just wish it doesn't rain too much because I don't want the place to get flooded. So far everything is under control and I am happy that the trees in the garden especially the big ones are getting enough water from the rain. Alhamdulillah........
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