Sunday, August 2, 2009

Siti Nurhaliza

Was not feeling well for the past few days......feeling kinda scared as well about the Influenza A H1N1, so I decided to go and have a check at the hospital. Went to Hospital Pusrawi with my aunt for the check up....alhamdulillah the test came out negative and I'm only positive for Influenza B I got my medicine and was heading back to my aunt's place in Keramat.....but we decided to stop by at Setiawangsa's Jaya Jusco to get our food supply.

Little did we know that today Siti Nurhaliza was dropping by at the shopping complex for a small lauching of JJ's cute little teddy bears. I didn't buy any, I was just there to see her in person hahahha lol! It was worth the she came and made and entrance I was so star strucked hehehehe.....this is the first time I get to see her in person. She was so beautiful......she even sang songs for the audience.....LIVE!!! And boy can she sing!! But I must say I only know her old songs....the new ones I'm not familiar with....and I think the audiences are not familiar with it either.......hehehehe...but it doesn't long as she sings it well, we don't care hahaha....

She seemed pretty nervous on stage....I thought someone like her with all the experiences of singing and performing on stage for years and years would not have that problem anymore, but looks like she still has it....but I think it's cute how she handled it. hehehehe

I didn't bring my digital camera along with me so I only had my humble camera phone to take the photos......obviously it's not that clear but at least I got it heheheh.... ;)
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