Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Offline blues

It's been a few days now since the PC at my house went "crazy" and had to be sent for repairs. Feeling a little sad about that.....not just because I couldn't connect with my friends and customers easily at the comfort of my own home, but also because I couldn't do work easily as well....huhuhuhu......and every time I want to check my mails, I have to go to the internet boring!

As you know, my work kinda depends a lot on the PC.....printer and bla bla without those darling equipments, gadgets or whatever you call them....I'm a little lost.....not used to doing work without now I have to learn to do things without them.... for a while....just a while.....hopefully it takes a while to repair better not take too long!!!!!!!!! (going a little crazy here hahahahahah).

Not sure if you all are aware......because of the load of work I've been getting since early this year, I've been neglecting my health as I guess I'm also taking this opportunity to take a little break from work for a while.....and since the PC is all works out! hahaha! what a coincidence huh??? oh well!

I've been meaning to take this leave for quite sometime now and I guess now is the perfect timing to do so.....plan to go back to my hometown once all my pending orders are done.....hmmmm.....when when when????????????? soon I hope!!!

Adios amigos!
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What I hate most.......

I wasn't able to eat anything tonight after having a stressful conversation with my customer this evening. My hands were shaking not because of hunger but because I was very upset. I just froze there and tears flowed like river.

I never thought I would have to be in this situation again after learning the hard truth a couple of years ago. I thought I was smart enough now after going through similar experiences before. Thinking perhaps I can protect myself from getting fooled again. Boy was I wrong.....

If there is one thing I can't stand is people who take advantage of the artist's hard work. We work hard day and night figuring out how to make our artwork better.....we do a lot of research and brainstorming for new ideas. Then we see our ideas and hard work get taken away by these thieves. It's ok to love our's ok that you want to buy the artwork.....but please don't claim that it's yours just because you bought it from me. If I knew in the beginning that the plan was to use my artwork for their project, I wouldn't have done or taken the order in the first place. I'm sorry but that's me. That's how I work. I don't appreciate people claiming my work as theirs and putting their logo on it. It's not like I work for them....I'm not their employee.....I don't get paid monthly to do designs for them....

And what I hate the most is when my customer said that I should have told her about my logo.....that I should have told her that all my artwork has logos on them. I think that goes without saying!! Most artists I know put their logos or brand name on all their artworks.....that's how it works. Too bad that she has no idea about all this. Too bad that she had a hard time taking my logo off my handmade cards. It's just too bad!

Just when I'm starting to feel happy again....and motivated to create... I get this news slapped on my face. All of this trouble for both sides could have been prevented if only she was honest to me in the first place...... :(
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Monday, May 4, 2009

An old eraser given a new life.....

Believe it or not, my aunt took the trouble to find her old eraser just so that I can practice my skills in rubber stamp carving! hahaha! So here it is, the old eraser (a Faber Castell brand) the mercy of my lino cutter hahaha....LOL!

I was thinking hard about what design I would do on this little eraser.....which is by the way only about the size of my thumb! As I was looking for ideas.....I thought of making a house and a small tree beside that I can use it to make a card for a new home. I have never made a card like that before and was thinking of doing so for quite some time I went ahead with the idea. :) I used a ball point pen to draw the little house and tree....

Here it is after I have dug out the outer part of the drawing....kinda tricky there....especially the area between the house and the tree. I was afraid that I might cut too much and eventually loose part of the roof! hahaha!

Ok....that is the bamboo stick.....I sharpened the ends and use it to drill tiny holes in the tree.....I want it to look like as if the tree has some fruits on it funny!!! I even drilled a hole on the front door of the house....can you see it??? LOL! ;)

Not sure if you notice this......but you can see from the original drawing to the end result that the house and the tree seem a little smaller......that's because I have accidentally made tones of mistakes and had to amend as a result, they became smaller.....oh well! Lesson learned! :D

So here it is.....tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! My second rubber stamp! :)
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Friday, May 1, 2009

Roti tissue rupanya....

Happy Labour Day to all!! Hari ni hari kira cuti la juga for me walaupun kerja sendiri hahaha.......tapi lepaih balik rumah sambung balik wat kerja hahaha cuti menda tu! Cuti separuh je.....

Keluar jalan2 hari ni.......pagi2 pergi makan tosei and roti canai hehehe.....toseinyer sedap gak....tapi tak sesedap tosei kat Restaurant Rasyid di Ampang kat restorant baru dekat rumah ni.....Restaurant Nasi Kandar Kayu....fuyooo.....roti canai dia sebijik macam roti canai kat Alor Setar....macam tak percaya ja, at last ada gak roti canai kat KL ni yang sedap hahaha........selama ni asyik jumpa roti canai yang macam plastik ja....hhaha....leper dan liat! eiiiiiii! So apa lagi??? Lepaih ni boleh la pi sana makan lagi roti canai tu hahaha......

Yang memeranjatkan masa kami singgah kat restaurant tu is that ada satu menu kat restaurant tu yang agak peliks la for me......tergezut gak melihatnya......tak pasti la pulak apa nama item tu dalam menu........anyways ada la satu family ni order item tu.......nampak macam roti canai tapi panjang giler roti canai tu.....errrmmmm panjang ke tinggi??? hahaha.....masa mamak tu bawa roti tu....nampak tinggi la sebab cara dia pegang roti tu dalam keadaan menegak! So....bila sampai kat meja makan....dia terpaksa letak roti tu di atas 3 pinggan besar ( pinggan yang bentuk macam daun pisang tuuuu ) .....haaaa....korang boleh imagine tak??? Betapa besar and panjangnya roti tu......nampak very crispy and ada gula bertaburan di atasnya. Adik2 tu dok pikir canna la nak makan roti tu......fuyoooo....ada adik sorang tu siap gigit2 roti tu hahaha macam tikus la pulak cara dia makan hahaha......dia tak guna tangan masa makan roti was so funny hahaha......geli hati nengok gelagat diaorang.....I wish I had my camera masa tu.....leh la ambik gambar! LOL! Nak mampus ambik gambar diaorang....sure kena marah!

My aunty tu teringin nak order roti tu next time kami ke sana......tapi I bangkang.....sebab rasanya kalau besar macam tu, tak larat nak makan babe! least kalau 3 or 4 orang ok la nak habiskan roti tu......and satu lagi....roti tu ada gula.....sure sweet semacam jer....tak best lah.....I suka my roti canai with dhall hahaha........cerewet gila la pulak aku ni....tiba2 je hahaha.....selalunya aku ni bantai jer apa pun yang free ahahahaha..........errrmmm tengoklah canna nanti.....sebenarnya malu nak order sebab sure kami akan jadi center of attraction kat kedai tu hahaha....semua pakat tengok nanti.....nanti nak makan pun tak reti.....jadi blur je hahaha......kelakar2...... :D

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