Monday, December 29, 2008

Buah jambu air

These are the fruit stalls at Bukit Gantang's RNR......every time I go back to Alor Setar, the bus would stop by this place for a short break after a few hours on the road. We would stop by here to pray, go to the loo and also have our lunch here too. They have all the facilities here for everyone to use. It's just so nice here.....I love stopping by this place especially for the fruits sold here. It seems much more fresh than the fruits found elsewhere. Tastier too! I love visiting this place just to buy those fresh jambu air.... :)

This must be my most favorite fruit this year and will forever be my favorite fruit of all time! It's just so delicious...juicy...not too sweet and not sour either. It's just full of fiber and so refreshing!
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